One Man, One Murder (Free Download)

by Arcanium

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released July 19, 2014

Lyrics: J. Sinn
Music: John Colucco, Adam Stewart, Benjamin Riggs
Drums: Charley Huwig

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at:
Master Clock Audio by Adam Stewart

Produced by Arcanium

Members: J. Sinn, Riggs, Adam, John, Charley



all rights reserved


Arcanium Loveland

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Track Name: One Man, One Murder
You know the dead don’t bleed
That’s what you get for betraying me
I’ll be the one to spill the seeds of the darkness within
With the slightest bit of help you’ll be lucky they let you live

Lay down it’s time for your sacrifice
Before you’re lost and realize
The only thing I want you to feel is pain
A thought of your survival makes me feel insane

I wanna watch the life fall away from you
Begging for mercy won't help you
So take a breath 'cause this is your last chance
Open up your eyes I wouldn't want you to miss this

There isn't enough of your blood that could spill
to satisfy my need for revenge

I wanna watch you bleed
From your neck to your feet
I wanna watch you bleed
Forever and ever

We are the ones that will prevail
We are the ones that stand and murder
We are the ones that will not fail
We are the ones that you won’t fuck you over
We are the ones that played the games, said the words, had given your names
We are the ones that speak the truth
We will always be the ones that say FUCK YOU

One man, one murder
One man, one murder

Three more cuts and I might be done
Only half satisfied ‘cause it’s too much fun
Keep slicing and dicing
I’ll prove to the world your blood‘s worth wasting

Last cut, now string you up
Hung like an angel, the devil’s a pup
See the man that you were was just fucking pathetic
But now you’re just a masterpiece, one that’s majestic

One man, one murder
One man, one murder